Nutrition Experts On Twitter: Our Picks

20 Nutrition Experts To Follow On Twitter

It can be a wild and wooly world out there as far as Twitter is concerned -- a world in which just about anybody with access to a computer and an interest in health can deem themselves a nutrition expert.

Potential for quackery aside, Twitter can also be an invaluable resource for people interested in staying up on diet and nutrition news. Or, say, people looking for a healthy dinner recipe on the fly.

We combed the web (as well as @HuffPostHealth's own Twitter feed) to come up with a list of 20 regular Twitter users who stick primarily to diet and nutrition tweets that we think are worth checking out.

Think we missed any? Add your ideas by clicking "ADD A SLIDE" below. Or check out Sulia, which filters and constantly updates lists of Twitter experts on all manner of subjects. And as always, consult your doctor before you follow any health or fitness advice you find online.

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