Nuts About The Huffington Post!

Here at the Huffpo, all sense of normalcy has been thrown out the window. This place is nuts. Not just funny nuts but wacky nuts - what people in medical circles call "open robe" nuts.

(Meaning: nuts enough to walk around with your robe open. Also called "Normal Mailer Nuts").

It wasn't always like this on the left. In the Clinton era of "people politics", there was this theory that if you put up reasonable sounding individuals like Lanny Davis and Leon Pannetta, you could sway voters. Even Lanny's name sounded approachable. And "Pannetta?" Well, that brings to mind a mini-pizza you might order as an appetizer. At a dimly lit bistro.

(With someone you just met!)

But now that era is gone.

I would call it a "bygone" era.

The left has gone nuts. Take the Huff Post, which recently blasts a man because the contents of his blog don't fit within his area of expertise. He is a pharmaceutical consultant, so he shouldn't be blogging about anything but drugs. Fine. I don't blog unless I am on drugs.

But meanwhile, Hollywood bumblebee Jane Hamsher is blogging about the CIA.

That was hysterical. And totally nuts. But it brings up an essential point: Where were the rules then? Are there any rules? Or: Are there blog rules for one group of people, and a different set of blog rules for another?

Like the rules you see for the rich and the poor. The rich get everything handed to them on a silver platter. Including silver platters. However, the poor don't get silver platters at all. No. Their platters are probably made from some cheap alloy, maybe something that's white and corrosion resistant.


At the Huffpo, it's like that as well - but the class distinction isn't between rich and poor, but famous/celebrity/lefty and the rest of us.

So, now I am confused. Even more than normal! I mean, What exactly are we allowed to blog on? Arianna, all this craziness is super sexy, but I know for a fact that raw incoherence will simply ruin the relationship.

I have posted mostly surreal mindless crap, so does that mean I can be banned for writing something serious? I want to blog about Darfur, which I think is fur you get from Dar, but according to the new rules, I would risk expulsion if I raised my voice.

I like to wear shorts on hot days - but I could be banned for saying that. Because, as you know, it doesn't comport to my area of expertise.

But I'll say it now. "I like to wear shorts on hot days."

That felt good.

Back to message:
You invited Peter Rost to blog, let an employee mock him, then ragged on Rost for defending himself! You banned and mocked him for blogging about personal issues, and then after demeaning him, you invite him back to the party!

That's awesomely nuts! And I don't even think "awesomely" is a word.
(it might be).

Arianna, you are crazy, but crazy like an attractive fox. Because when you get JWT to pay six figures a week to have exclusive ads on the Huffpo, while bloggers work for free - that's not nuts: that's genius.

And I am the one who is nuts. Completely! Nuts for you.

Gotta run! Come over here later and we'll have nuts!