NUTSCAPES EXCLUSIVE: Go Nuts For These Sharable Quote Cards (NSFW)

Obsev is having a ball adding quotes to these gonad-accented landscapes.

If you weren't already impressed by people taking pictures of their balls in front of beautiful landscapes, then prepare to have your mind blown.

For people who feel like life has been punching them in the nuts, a company called Obsev fashioned Nutscapes's inspirational images into quote card graphics to help get through the day.

With amazing phrases including the particularly notable "The best is yet to come," these images are both inspiring and repulsive at the same time.

Describing the work as commemorative of the originals, Obsev notes this nutscape trend is "here to hang around for a while."

"We humbly suggest sending these to your friends without telling them what it is. Because that's what the internet is for," Obsev suggests.

But only if you have the balls to do that.

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