NY Daily News Keeps Printing Despite Blackout In Building With Help From Rivals

Manhattan media institutions -- including The Huffington Post -- were battered by Hurricane Sandy, which wiped out power and sent floods through the lower half of the borough. The New York Daily News was one of the outlets hardest hit by the storm. The newspaper's lobby was flooded with three feet of water, and its newsroom went completely black. Online outlets had to grasp around for different servers to use, but the News had to find another place to actually print its latest editions.

The Wall Street Journal's Keach Hagey told the story of how the News perservered in a blog post on Wednesday. The short answer? Assistance from its rivals:

The New York Times, Newsday, Newark Star-Ledger, Bergen Record and Hartford Courant have all agreed to help print copies of the tabloid daily and some of the company's other commercial-printing work while it waits for power in Jersey City to be restored, according to Daily News President and CEO Bill Holiber. The Associated Press and Jewish Week have offered office space and technological help.

Thanks to that help, the paper managed to put out a brilliant special edition on Wednesday, with the headline "APOCALYPSE N.Y." and stunning photography throughout.



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