Donald Trump Is Dr. Evil On Latest Cover Of New York Daily News

The tabloid unveils Trump's "2 beeel-yun dollar scheme."

In the past two years, the New York Daily News has portrayed President Donald Trump as nearly every antagonist possible. He has been transformed into the Antichrist, a zombie clown, a pervert, a walking “dead clown,” a “treasonous” Vladimir Putin sympathizer and a regular old clown

So it’s only fitting that the tabloid’s Tuesday cover page recast Trump as the bald-headed epitome of evil from the “Austin Powers” film series.

Dr. Evil, that is.

The latest cover refers to Trump’s attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which was enacted during Barack Obama’s tenure as president.

“President Trump, with his Mini-Mes in Congress, has bald-faced scheme to pass Trumpcare at expense of city taxpayers,” text on the cover reads.

Trump’s plot “to buy votes for troubled health care plan” ― as the tabloid describes it ― was a nod to the changes GOP leaders made on Monday to the Trump-backed American Health Care Act in hopes of obtaining votes from Republicans in upstate New York.

According to The New York Times, the changes to the repeal plan would only affect the state of New York, saving $2.3 billion for local governments upstate, and potentially screwing over New York City.



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