NY Food: How Hard Is It To Get Fruits And Vegetables In The City?

Tell Us: How Hard Is It To Get Fruits And Vegetables In The City?

Who knew finding an apple would be so difficult in the Big Apple?

Less than a quarter of New York City food retailers -- everything from your local bodega to the neighborhood Key Food -- are likely to sell fresh fruits and vegetables, according to the city's health department. That number becomes even more rotten since the amount of supermarkets in the five boroughs has been slashed by a third in the past six years.

Now The Huffington Post and Gotham Gazette want to know how the city's supermarket drought affects you.

How hard is it for you to get fruits and vegetables? On average how many blocks do you have to walk to get fresh produce? Do you think it's easier in your neighborhood than other areas? More difficult? And has access to food stores changed since the recession?

Send your responses to nyfooddrought@gmail.com and sign up here to join The Huffington Post's New York citizen reporting unit.

We will analyze your responses and report back later this week.

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