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NY TIMES: Dems in State Capitols Push Antiwar Resolutions

NY TIMES: Dems in State Capitols Push Antiwar Resolutions
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In the wake of the Iowa Senate yesterday sending a strong signal to all presidential candidates on the Iraq War, the New York Times runs a big piece on the Progressive States Network's Anti-Escalation Campaign. The article's lead tells it all: "Frustrated by the inability of Democrats in Congress to pass a resolution opposing President Bush's policies in Iraq, state legislators across the country, led by Democrats and under pressure from liberal advocacy groups, are pushing forward with their own resolutions." In other words, thanks to the progressive movement having the guts to demand Democrats act, we are seeing serious pressure build on Congress to stand up and stop Bush's surge.

This pressure is being felt in states with prominent conservative senators who continue to tacitly support the war. Resolutions or lettters have been introduced in places like Maine, Oregon, Kansas, and Iowa.

This campaign is heating up in a big way, and you can get involved. Go to the Progressive States Network's special website that lets you can get in touch with your legislators and demand they support these resolutions. As Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) told the Times about the campaign, "Your voices, your calls, your e-mails and your resolutions have an impact on the debate."

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