Someone Has Finally Started Capturing Those Absurdly Mesmerizing Bodega Posters

Finally! A Tumblr Of Absurdly Mesmerizing Bodega Posters

Bodegas have long served as faithful staples, catering to New Yorkers' bare necessities and late-night whims. And while the rubric of what exactly defines a bodega is up for debate, it's fair to say all locations vying for the classification must offer food for purchase: sandwiches, hot sauce, chips, sour candy, steam table buffets, you name it.

Finally, one graphic designer is paying tribute to those crucial bodega provisions -- namely, to the outlandish food posters that adorn such neighborhood mainstays -- with a Tumblr aptly coined Deli Grossery.

"Deli Grossery has become a sort of digital preservation project, capturing a glimpse of local stores and their gritty charm before they disappear," proprietor Michael Silber said in an email to HuffPost.

deli 2
This poster highlights the beautiful hodgepodge of bodega offerings.

As absurd as some of the posters may be, their presence is bizarrely comforting in a city overtaken by artisanal, organic everything. Screw kale, in other words -- sometimes you just need that late-night hero.

Similarly, Silber says the venture is a direct response to perfectly assembled "food porn" on the Internet and beyond.

"Every time I take a walk in a new neighborhood, I hope to find something unique," Silber said. "Something strange, aged and faded, horribly photoshopped, or artfully hand-crafted... anything that will tell a story or make me laugh."

We think the posters below certainly fit the bill. Check out the whole collection at




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