Brett Cohen, Fake Celebrity, Tricks Times Square Tourists Into Believing He's Famous (VIDEO)

WATCH: Man Tricks Tourists Into Believing He's Famous

If you look in the dictionary next to the word "gullible," you'll see a picture of tourists in Times Square.

On a recent summer evening, local man Brett Cohen put on his best clothes and conducted a little sociological experiment. His thesis? That with the help of a couple fake bodyguards, assistants, and paparazzi photographers-- all working to create a fake aura of fame-- New York City tourists would actually believe he was famous.

Watch as Cohen and his entourage burst out of NBC's famed 30 Rock studios, happily posing with tourists for photographs.

Some swear they know the fake celeb. "Yea I know Brett Cohen!" says one tourist. "I LOVE BRETT COHEN," screams another. One man claims to have even heard Cohen's non-existant first single.

When asked on Reddit if any more discerning passersby questioned his fame, Cohen responded, "One guy said 'I don't know who you are.' I replied with 'I don't know who you are either, buddy.' That was it."

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