NYC Dark: Artists Jared Levy and Michael Marantz Capture Manhattan With The Lights Off (VIDEO)

As many of you now know, the city that never sleeps was pretty dark last week when Hurricane Sandy wiped out power to much of lower Manhattan. The bright lights of the skyline disappeared for days, shutting down businesses and dissuading heavy foot traffic in the usually bustling metropolis.

Multi-media artists Jared Levy and Michael Marantz were there to capture the historic blackout in a stunning time lapse video that documents the eerie streets of the storm-ravaged city. "You would think that when you see buildings all lit up that you really understand their presence," states Levy in the video. "But the truth is that it's when the lights are out and it's just darkness that you can feel their presence hugging you, surrounding you."

Watch the video above and let us know about your own experiences with New York City after dark in the comments section. You can check out more of Jared Levy's photos of the Sandy aftermath here.

Hurricane Sandy
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