NYC Discovery: The Gone Cat, Clown Bar

Clown Bar, a presentation from The Pipeline Theatre, is the noir performance of a lifetime. If you didn’t know clowns bleed glitter, it’s guaranteed to be something of an insight into the underground world of organized clown crime. The venue, The Box, provides the perfect backdrop of twisted grandeur as the show bounds between the sinister, the sexy and straight-up hilarious.

At the doors, you’re welcomed with a camp cabaret involving song and dance- and a false sense of security- as early comers settle in with a few pre-show cocktails or opt for dinner service. Before the main narrative begins, the performance edges out when the gun slinging clown, Shotgun, seductively sinks a slender 5 foot balloon down his throat. Master of ceremony and evening crooner, Dusty, and the adorable Petunia, introduce the characters before, out of nowhere, lead man Happy Mahoney makes a dramatic silhouetted entrance. Despite his moniker, the dashing police detective is dressed as “one of the beige people” in a bid to carve out a new life having left his clowning days behind him. At this point you may not be sure where it‘s all going, but this cop means business. Happy’s on a path of vengeance, fiercely resolved to unravel the murder mystery of his brother, Timmy, a failed bozo who crumbled into the clown underworld in chase of his next fix- it was always the next one that’d make him funny enough to make the clowning cut.

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