NYC Dogs In Bags Are What You Need In Your Life Right Now

There's even a pup in a giant IKEA bag.

The MTA in New York City has a ban that prevents any subway rider from bringing a dog on the train... unless that dog fits in a “container.”

The stipulation also indicates that the dog-in-container must be carried “in a manner which would not annoy passengers.” New Yorkers, being the ingenious human beings they are, have discovered truly incredible solutions to work around this rule:

That tweet of an amalgam of dogs-in-bags surfaced on Tuesday, resurrecting the excitement of seeing a dog on the move in NYC for all of Twitter. So, we did you all a favor and rounded up some of our favorite subway dog snaps!

Seriously, there are all kinds of dogs hangin’ out in all kinds of bags:

Pups on the go are the best, aren’t they? Here is what we look like when we see dogs on the subway in bags:

People of NYC: please never stop traveling with your dogs.

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