The Feminist High School Class Every Student In America Should Be Taking

Want to know what a feminist looks like? It looks like any one of the 16 students in Ileana Jiménez's high school class.

Jiménez, who was spotlighted in a new INSIGHTS piece by Elite Daily, teaches a three-month course on feminism at Little Red School House and Elizabeth Irwin High School (LREI) in New York City. For the students taking the class, "Fierce and Fabulous: Feminist Writers, Artists, and Activists," it's been a life-changing lesson in feminism, oppression and tolerance.

"What people don't understand about feminism is that it's not an attack on men," explains one of Jiménez's students on what the class has taught him. "It's a fight for fairness and equality, which is something that everyone should have."

The course has also been a lesson in standing up for what you believe in, and refusing to be a passive witness to other peoples' oppression. Jiménez says, "I see young people saying, 'I took this class, now I'm going to do something.'" She believes that if the academic and the activist side of feminism were taught in schools, "we'd live in a very different world."

Indeed, you can see a glimmer of what that world would look like as you watch one of Jiménez's students declare, "I believe that the key ingredient to being a good feminist is love. Love."

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