NYC Hurricane: Governor Cuomo Deploys Additional 1,000 New York National Guard Troops

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that he has deployed an additional 1,000 New York National Guard troops for New York's Hurricane Irene response efforts, bringing the total number of New York National Guard members on state active duty to 1,900, according to a press release.

The additional members of the National Guard will be deployed to areas in and around New York City, including Long Island and the Hudson Valley. The National Guard will assist with traffic control on bridges and tunnels, sandbagging operations at the World Trade Center site, evacuation shelter operations in New York City, the construction of barriers for railway yards and train tunnels, and other hurricane emergency efforts.

Cuomo, it seems, is preparing for the worst.

"New yorkers… we like to think we are tough and we can handle anything," Cuomo said today at a press conference. "We are tough, but we're also smart. And we're smart enough to know that we don't mess with mother nature."

Hurricane Irene is expected to hit New York later Saturday evening around 9PM.