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NYC Soda Ban Ruining Pizza Parties? Restaurants, Businesses Preparing For Bloomberg Initiative (VIDEO)

Barring any legal delays, New York City's soda ban will go into effect on March 12, when Bloomberg's restriction on large sugary drinks will officially be enforced.

One of soda's most common companions, obviously, is pizza, so Pix11 stopped by a Cobble Hill pizza joint to ask the owners and customers what they think of the ban, namely the new law's elimination of the two liter bottle.

The pizza shop owner fears the ban might cost his restaurant customers, while a patron slammed the new restrictions as "rude" and "ridiculous."

(These complaints, of course, we've heard before.)

Another customer looked on the brighter side. "Maybe it’ll make the lines to the bathroom shorter,” he said.

Whatever the case, we'll all find out how much we like, or dislike, the soda ban very soon.

bloomberg pizza
(Mayor Bloomberg demonstrates how to eat pizza without soda. Photo: AP)

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