NYC Subway Fight: Snack-Eating Man Casually Breaks Up Straphanger Scuffle (VIDEO) [UPDATE]

Finally, a solution to all of New York City's subway fights: simply find someone to stand in between the aggressors and nonchalantly munch on chips.

YouTube user EITANNOYZE uploaded this video on April 2nd and captions:

Heading uptown on the 6 train, this woman sits down next to me. Then all of a sudden she jumps up and starts wailing this guy in the face. In complete disbelief I fumble for my phone and capture this...

Apparently the dude by the door followed the woman onto the train, which she was, understandably, none too plussed about. Words and kicks are exchanged until our quiet superhero steps in, plying what appears to be Pringles from atop a White Cheddar popcorn bag into his mouth, appearing as if he knows nothing's going on, and completely defuses the situation (this is probably some kind of Navy Seal trick). After that, fellow straphangers plead with the male aggressor to get off at the next stop.

And so, will "Snackman" come forward and take credit for his heroics? Or, like Gotham superheroes before him, keep his identity a secret? We'll just have to wait and see. Either way, our subways will never be the same.

[UPDATE!] Snackman's true identity discovered! His name is Charles Sonder, according to NYU Local, and he was on his way uptown with a friend "to grab some drinks with a couple of girls" when the fight broke out. "I felt the need to stop the fight as soon as I could," he told NYU Local. It seemed that the girl was the first one to make physical contact but that’s no excuse for any man to kick any female. I had to do something. Everyone else was just sitting there watching." Also, the chips in question were Cheddar Pringles and they were on top of a bag of gummi bears, not cheddar popcorn.