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Post-Party Beauty Tips

Here's a little preparatory guide to help you stay gorgeous and feeling as renewed as your resolutions, despite the late night and fast times.
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New Year's Eve is the world's most popular party night. Just thinking about NYE celebrations conjures up a whirlwind sensory overload, with images of frothy, overflowing champagne, crackling fireworks and happy (albeit messy) times with those we love. However, sometimes, partying so hard means starting the next day feeling less than fresh. Not only can we be left tired and depleted, but our big night out also takes a toll on our skin, hair and bodies. To avoid this, here's a little preparatory guide to help you stay gorgeous and feeling as renewed as your resolutions, despite the late night and fast times.

Oil up:

I love facial oils. In fact, I think applying them is one of the best ways to rebalance and replenish taxed complexions. After a night of drinking and staying up late, our skin is prey to dehydration. Slather your face in a natural, plant-based oil before going to bed to prevent flakes, dehydration lines and break outs. Yep, many of us break out from dehydration, so this quick step helps us bypass blemishes through skin nourishment. When we get home late, its an easy to go to bed without washing your face, but try to fight the urge of passing out in your make-up and cleanse, tone and moisturize with a healing face oil. Your skin will thank you.

Scrub your pores clean: A great way to vivify the morning after is to exfoliate thoroughly. Shed last night's grime through a deep pore scrub, preventing complexion congestion and dullness. Getting rid of dead, excess cells helps your skin look bright and healthy -- no one will ever suspect how little sleep you're truly running on! While dry brushing is an fuss-free way to exfoliate your body, opt for a peel or manual scrub for the delicate skin on your face. Facial exfoliation also helps to stimulate circulation, increasing blood flow. This helps to move lymphs, and will combat post-party puffiness. If using a gentle scrub or exfoliating mask, take a few minutes to do some face massage moves while it absorbs with special attention around your eyes to aid under eye bags.

Ayurvedic hang over remedies:

According to Eastern Medicinal Science, Ayurveda, alcohol is heating and inflaming -- referred to as "Pitta" increasing. This is said to cause heat and acid-related headaches that is usually felt in the temples. While drinking water is essential for rehydrating and reducing inflammation, eating cooling foods, according to this ancient modality, can help you looking and feeling better faster. Bananas, with their creamy, grounding properties are said to be an excellent Ayurvedic hang over snack, along with honey, which helps to detox and aid the digestion of alcohol. An easy-to-make Ayurvedic hang over cure can be made with a squeeze of lime (which supports the liver) in water with a teaspoon of honey, a pinch of salt (helps us retain water/hydration) and grated ginger (which stimulates digestion).

Wash the night right outta your hair:

I'm so glad so many cities have a smoke-free policy for bars and restos, but if some of your besties smoke, you can still come home with smokey-smelling strands. After a good shampoo, a clay hair mask is you best friend. Clay helps purify your skin and absorb smoke odors, so applying a clay-based hair mask will get the stink out of your mane. If you can't find a clay mask for hair in particular, you can use a clay face or body mask, or powdered clay used for clay baths.

If you have the luxury of taking it easy the morning after your big night, a nice long bath. Here, you can soak and sit back with a clay mask in your hair and exfoliating mask on your face, making for intense post-party renewal. Because, as we all know, the best beauty recuperation involves rest and relaxation.