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New York Fashion Week: "Something New York," DKNY Fall 2011

I really think of DKNY as the Super Bowl of New York Fashion Week. That's because I know that these are pieces I am going to really going to wear and buy.
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I always look forward to the DKNY show at New York Fashion Week. Don't laugh, but I really think of DKNY as the Super Bowl of New York Fashion Week. That's because I know that these are pieces I am going to really going to wear and buy. DKNY is not an aspirational fashion show for me; it's real. The price point is always within my budget, while many other New York Fashion Week shows are not. But it's not just an attractive price point that keep me buying DKNY. I've been wearing Donna Karan DKNY for years because her clothing is very comfortable, and her pants are just the best. Seriously, it's almost like the designer came to my house and took all my measurements, then went back to her studio and designed just for me. Her cut is the most wonderful slimming solution I have found. Her show on Sunday was entitled "Something New York." The title was the backdrop for the runway show and could be seen on a large neon sign backdrop. Clearly, Ms. Karan's big love for the Big Apple continues. And so does my big love for DKNY. That's doesn't mean that I would buy every piece of the collection, but overall, there are a lot of winners here to consider.

There were a couple of show highlights today that I really liked and look forward to seeing at retailers like Macy's and Bloomingdales. There were some exquisite coats, one in particular, a long black Persian Lamb number, that I am lusting for. More simple fall wear like cardigans and capes were shown in rich oranges, lipsticks, reds and raspberries. I would say that raspberry met pink today at DKNY and fell in love with her.

I felt like I saw a new version of a black mini-dress with a simple cream Peter Pan collar like Mia Farrow wore in Rosemary's Baby. There were a couple variations on this 1960s retro Mia look; a long sleeved dress with cream collar, a sleeveless dress with collar, and a sheer black top with a cream collar. I believe all the collars on the DKNY looks were detachable, which makes the garments versatile. You could have a simple little black dress or a mod 1960s look with the collar.

Also in evidence were lots of layered looks for fall, like ribbed knits under short jackets and coats plus oversized cardigans over dresses. There were also a few plaids. There were plaid red and black short jackets. But there were also plaids used to accent jackets around the trim and collar. I have to say, I am not mad about plaid, and that was my least favorite part of the collection. I also wasn't wild about the horizontal strips on the sweaters, as this is not a look that will work for all women.

But overall, DKNY produced another winning collection that I think will be well-received by consumers and buyers. The layers and practical fabrics are designed to provide warmth to help budget savvy fashionistas survive the fall chill while still looking fabulous, which is a winning combination whether you are in New York or the rest of the world.

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