NYPD Officer On Hood Of Moving Police Car Gets Thrown Off

Viral video shows a man identified as an NYPD officer on the hood of a police car before falling to the street after the vehicle stops.

The incident, which reportedly happened Monday morning near a Brooklyn police precinct, is being investigated by the department, WABC-TV reports. The officer was taken to a local hospital with "non-life threatening head injuries," the outlet notes.

The New York Police Department told the New York Daily News it did not know why the officer was on the hood of the car.

At least one news site questioned whether the cop should have been in that predicament at all.

"Is there ever any reason, law enforcement or otherwise, to be clenching onto the hood of a police car, butt first, down a Brooklyn street?" Jalopnik wrote.

The Huffington Post contacted NYPD for an update but didn't immediately hear back.

H/T 1010 Wins Radio

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