NYPD, FDNY Brawl At Charity Hockey Match (VIDEO)

They may be "New York's Finest" and "New York's Bravest," but they won't be competing for "New York's Classiest" after what happened on Sunday, when police and firefighters brawled at a charity hockey match.

The fight set Twitter, YouTube and Instagram aflame with photos and videos of the violence.

Be warned, the videos contain some language that's every bit as harsh as the action, which took place at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, home of the New York Islanders NHL team.

The teams were tied, 3-3, in the second period when the benches-clearing brawl erupted. NYPD eventually won, 8-5, breaking FDNY's five-year winning streak.

On the NYPD Hockey Facebook page, the team posted a victory message:

Whoever's running the team's Facebook page hit the "Like" button to a poster who wrote "Good job boys, finally kicked those hoser's asses."

FDNY, meanwhile, used its Facebook page to note that they've won more games:

Despite the fighting, there were no reports of injuries... with the possible exception of first responder reputations.

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