NYPD Mosque Surveillance: Muslim Leader Says 'New Level Of Low'

WATCH: Muslim Leader Responds To NYPD Mosque Surveillance Allegations

Linda Sarsour, Executive Director of the Arab Association of New York, joined HuffPost Live to weigh in on the recent report that the NYPD has secretly classified some mosques as terrorist organizations.

According to a confidential NYPD document, the Arab American Association was among those organizations the police wanted to infiltrate through placing informants in leadership positions.

Responding to this news, Sarsour told host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, "I absolutely was not surprised ... but to know that the New York Police Department was trying to infiltrate my board, trying to add someone on our board who would have access to operations [and] financial information, is a new level of low for the New York Police Department."

According to Sarsour, the social service organization has been receptive of the NYPD over the years, going so far as to label them "partners."

"The very organization that has invited Commissioner Kelly, that has worked with Commissioner Kelly, that has played soccer with the NYPD soccer league .... For them to be labeling their partners as suspects and as terrorist organizations is outrageous and unbelievable," said Sarsour.

To hear more on this discussion, watch the full segment HERE.

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