NYPD Officer Hits Man With Nightstick (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Video Shows Cop Beating Man In Head With Nightstick (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

A video on YouTube shows a New York Police Department officer bloodying a man by cracking his head with a baton at a Brooklyn subway station on Thursday.

The cop struck Donovan Lawson, 20, after a dispute about Lawson allegedly entering the station to ride the train without paying, according to WPIX, which first obtained the footage.

The officer and Lawson were already locked in a struggle when a bystander began recording at the Myrtle Avenue stop in the neighborhood of Bushwick around 8 p.m.

Almost immediately, there's a loud whack as the cop takes an overhand swing and connects the nightstick against Lawson's head.

Shouts of disapproval are heard from the crowd loitering in the station. A witness told the New York Daily News that the cop had already punched Lawson three times before starting the recording. The officer also allegedly used pepper spray on Lawson.

With blood gushing down his face, Lawson appears to struggle to get free of the officer's grasp. They push and pull through the turnstile to exit the mezzanine area.

A bewildered looking Lawson then embraces a young woman who's trailed behind him. Her face and white jacket get smeared with Lawson's blood.

Other police officers arrive near the top of a staircase leading and they lead Lawson down to the street.

Lawson and the officer who hit him both appear to be African-American though this wasn't confirmed.

An NYPD spokesperson told HuffPost in an email that "the incident is under investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau," but refused to answer specific questions.

Lawson was charged with intent to obtain transit without paying, resisting arrest, obstructing government administration, disorderly conduct, and harassment,the NYPD told HuffPost in an email.

WPIX reported that Lawson had no previous arrests.

Attempts to locate Lawson were unsuccessful.

The officer and Lawson were both reportedly taken to a hospital for treatment.

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