NYPD Officers Beat Ehud Halevi At Aliya Institute, Crown Heights Jewish Youth Center (VIDEO)

A surveillance video at a Jewish youth center in Crown Heights captured two NYPD officers brutally beating a shirtless man after he was seen resisting arrest.

The Daily News reports a security guard at the Aliya Institute found the man sleeping in the center's lounge last Monday. Zlamy Trappler, 24, said he suspected him of being drunk and called police.

According to the video, two officers, one male and one female, arrived at the scene and then approached the sleeping man, identified by as Ehud Halevi.

After Halevi appears to explain his situation to the officers, the male officer takes out his handcuffs. Halevi resists and the male officer begins to punch him in a sustained beating that lasts for a few minutes.

A source told Halevi had permission to stay at the center and had been doing so for the past month.

Trappler said, "I regret making the call. I should have let him sleep. It spiraled out of control."

Halevi is now being charged with numerous offenses including assaulting a police officer and trespassing.

In August, an NYPD officer was filmed repeatedly body slamming a teenager after he jumped the turnstile. (Watch below)