Are NYPD Officers Watching 'Road House' As Training?

A New York Post series criticizing an NYPD training program — including a claim that instructors are showing cops 1980s action movie “Road House” to demonstrate good behavior — has been denounced by NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton as “incredible misinformation.”

An anonymous police source claims that officers were required to view a scene from “Road House” in which a bouncer, played by Patrick Swayzwe, instructs his staff to “be nice, until it’s time not to be nice,” the paper reported Tuesday.

The Post previously reported that an anonymous NYPD official told them 80 percent of officers who have gone through the training so far believe the $32 million dollar program is a “waste of time.”

Bill Bratton, speaking at a Tuesday event in Queens, derided the Post’s series as “incredible misinformation” spread by a “disgruntled” person, Capital New York reports.

Bratton said he did not know where the source would get the figure that 80% of offers were unhappy with the training. He added that 84% of officers who completed the 3-day course had said in an internal poll that the training was relevant to their job, and 65 percent said they would use “minimal force” more often as a result of the training.

It’s unclear whether the commissioner specifically addressed the claim that officers were being made to view “Road House.”

The day before Bratton’s statements, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called the New York Post series “ridiculous,” according to CBS New York.

“Interestingly all of the sources were unnamed, which the New York Post seems to prefer,” de Blasio said. “So, I don’t think I’m being presented with anything in those reports but some disgruntled individuals.”

The NYPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Huffington Post.

The reform effort was devised on the heels of massive protests sparked by a grand jury’s decision not to indict an NYPD officer in the chokehold death of Staten Island man Eric Garner.