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NYPD Shoot And Kill Dwayne Browne, Alleged Gunman Outside His Home


NYPD officials are investigating a fatal shooting by police involving an armed man outside his Brooklyn home on Thursday.

Sources say police arrived outside the home of 26-year old, Dwayne Browne after several 911 calls were placed from a woman who lived at the 943 Schenck Avenue address in East New York.

Family members say Browne was upstairs listening to music, when he went outside to check on a possible break-in after seeing two men running from the residence from his window upstairs.

The Post reports that Browne emerged onto the driveway armed with a .38 caliber gun. After resisting police warnings to drop the gun, an unidentified officer shot Browne in the chest.

He was then taken to Brookdale University Hospital, where shortly before midnight, he died from his gunshot wound. Browne's girlfriend Juanita said:

The officers told me they had to shoot him. They kept calling him the shooter. The officer said, 'I'm sorry. It was one of us. But he wouldn't put the gun down.' No one said 'Put the gun down.' No one said nothing. They just shot Dwayne in his pajamas.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne says a firearm was indeed recovered at the scene, but the victim's family is now demanding answers. Browne's mother Alice Browne insisted, "They're trying to cover something up because they stay too long in that house. They've been there for hours trying to cover up what they want to cover up."

Browne's half-brother told The Daily News Dwayne leaves behind a 7-year old son, Dasani.

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