Toddlers’ Sidewalk Joyride Ends With The Cutest Traffic Stop

License and registration, boys!

It was double trouble for New York City police on Saturday.

Two officers playfully ticketed twin toddlers after catching them driving their mini Range Rover along a sidewalk in Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood.

“Oh man, license and registration,” their amused dad teased while filming their traffic stop for Instagram.

In one of two videos posted, one of the twins obediently checks the glove box. A second video shows the driver returning an orange ticket to one of the officers. He then drops his head onto the steering wheel, appearing to take it pretty hard as his brother gives the officers high fives.

“It’s a lot of money,” the officer concedes after the ticket was returned.

Local news stations quickly picked up the adorable videos, leading to thousands of views.

As the boys’ father declares: “Only in New York.”