<i>NYT</i> Calls Men "Lazy"

Calls Men "Lazy"
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Here we go again:

"There's never enough time," the mother, Gloria Sheppard (Ally Walker), says. And increasingly on television, there's never enough time because men are lazy. Also, they are not that bright. And that's why women do almost all of the work at home, and the brunt of it at work, too. That is certainly the premise of "The Protector."

Says reviewer Alessandra Stanley in "It's a Crime That Men Are So Lazy." I would like to think that Ms. Stanley is commenting on the troubling trend, not that it is really new, just "BTW," to slam guys as something divorced from reality. But it's hard to tell.

Maybe it's the timing: All this workload resentment comes at a point when real-life husbands are at an all-time down-low, be it sex-tweeting (twexting?) congressmen or international bankers accused of preying on hotel maids. But for whatever reason, male inadequacy keeps popping up in many a new show.

Hmm, that analysis isn't very promising. Real-life husbands are actually working their asses off to be good dads and good men, many staying at home with the kids. The list of men behaving badly in the news didn't just start yesterday. Spitzer, Tiger, Edwards... need I go on? There is nothing new about the most recent scandals. Just a bit of technology thrown onto the fire.

In the end, this line of thinking, written by women, that men are lazy and can't be relied on for anything is just a rehash of sexual stereotyping that locks us into a very unhealthy cultural gender war.

What would happen if I wrote that women these days are really not so bright, they really are inadequate as mothers given their obsession with work, and frankly aren't as good looking as they once were? I would get my ass handed to me for being a sexist pig. And rightly so.

Ms. Stanley, wasn't the feminist movement of the last 50 years intended to liberate us from such broad brushed negative statements about one gender or the other? If what you are saying is that these shows are dead wrong in portraying men that way I am 100% with you. But it sure sounds like you think there is a grain of truth in the portrayal and its connection to manhood in general. And if that is the case you are dead wrong.

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