NYT Eliminates Environment Desk

Disappointing news this morning from The New York Times. The paper's 9-person environment desk is folding.

According to Inside Climate News, which reported the story this morning, no one is being let go, and the environment and climate change will continue to be key areas of coverage. But the reporters and editors who made up the cluster will be reassigned to other desks.

The fate of the paper's Green Blog remains unclear.

(Full disclosure: I launched The Times' Green Blog -- originally dubbed Green Inc., back in 2008, and I worked closely with many of the reporters and editors on the environment desk).

As noted by The Daily Climate earlier this week, coverage of global warming has declined steadily since the failed 2009 Copenhagen climate summit.

The Times, of course, remains dedicated to the story. "Climate change is one of the few subjects so important that we need to be oblivious to cycles and just cover it as hard as we can all the time," Times managing editor Glenn Kramon was quoted as saying by Inside Climate News.

We agree.

Below, one of many great video segments produced in tandem with the Times' environment reporters:

Read the full story at Inside Climate News.

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