Watch Some NYU Frat Bros Play Beer Pong In The Street During The Blizzard

On Monday night, as most of New York City huddled inside their apartments hiding from "Winter Storm Juno," a group of New York University fraternity brothers reportedly played beer pong in the middle of the street.

BroBible caught footage of a group of guys who set up a beer pong table at the intersection of First Avenue and St. Mark's Place in the East Village of Manhattan. At one point, they have to move out of the way while an ambulance drives over their spilled cups.

The guys were members of NYU's FIJI fraternity, BroBible said they later learned. In case you were wondering, all non-emergency vehicles were banned from driving in New York City Monday night past 11 p.m., which helped clear the way for drinking games to commence.

@brandonwenerd @BroBible this is NYU Fiji btw

— Anaz Udds (@nawsz) January 27, 2015

That's one way to beat the cold.

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