NYU Orgs Merge on March 31

As New York University sends out acceptances to its Class of 2021, it is also bidding adieu to its suite of principal organizations. Tech@NYU is one of NYU’s forefront organizations, catering 10,000 people not just within the university community but New York City as well. After a successful IPO last year, it is merging with 180 Degrees Consulting, the Quantitative Finance Society, and the Luxury and Retail Association to form:

180 Quantitative Luxury Tech Consulting @NYU

Courtesy of the Executive Board

As QFS runs the deal, Tech@NYU is gearing up to be not just a technology group, but a technology oriented non-profit consulting organization, with expertise in luxury and retail. According to current president of Tech@NYU, David Wang, “After going public last year, we saw a huge strategic benefit in merging our technology practice in a 4-way deal with the most dynamic organizations in the world, today. Global systems and life are becoming ever-so interdisciplinary.”

Catering to an interdisciplinary city is important for Tech@NYU. David continues to note that “technology is powering so many different fields that we strongly believe it is in our best interest to join forces with other organizations so we can gain access to their knowledge and expertise in understanding how to use technology to revolutionize their industries. We could not be more excited to join hands and dance with QFS, LARA, and 180 DC. I consider this the most important decision I have ever made in my time as leader. #MoreLifeMoreLife”

180 Degrees Consulting President, Zona Xu, comments that “the merger is certainly bringing 180 Degrees into the new millennium and helping us gain a 360 view on the changing nature of New York City service and life.”

As for the future potential of the organization, Lily Lin, President of Luxury and Retail Association, says that this merger is “talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before.”

AKA: April Fool-ed You. 2.0.

Even though being one massive organization could have its perks, these amazing clubs are staying separate. But in the spirit and potential of doing more, Tech@NYU is bringing to you another jam packed Startup Week, where it continues to cater to creativity, code, and community for an entire week. Alongside it’s amazing pick of unique events, Tech@NYU is looking to introduce more opportunities for its attendees to be involved in technology. The Luxury and Retail Association is introducing the CEO of Saks, Steve Sadove, and 180 Degrees Consulting at New York University is closing applications to join its team tonight (this is not a prank).

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