Jay Rosen Compares James O'Keefe To A Terrorist (VIDEO)

Target Of James O'Keefe Compares Him To A Terrorist

Conservative prankster James O'Keefe recently set his sights on NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen for a sting called "To Catch A Journalist." Rosen, who proved two steps ahead of O'Keefe, responded to the failed bait on Friday, comparing him to a terrorist.

On his website, Rosen described how O'Keefe had posed as a prospective graduate student named Lucas and recorded his class with guest speaker Clay Shirky.

Rosen caught on days after when O'Keefe called him with quotes from the class with Shirky. His students had denied taping the session, but noted that they had a guest student that day.

Lucas then asked for a follow-up meeting where he claimed to have gruesome footage of a Tea Party gathering and asked how to get it to the New York Times. Rosen explained, "The intended story line, worked out in advance, was lefty journalism professor jumps at the chance to assist with the discrediting of the Tea Party by passing along sensational footage to his buddies at the Times. 'Lucas' was there to get me to say the words that, when diced and spliced, would sound like that."

Unfortunately for O'Keefe, Rosen told Lucas that the Times wouldn't be interested in something like that, and suggested another publication or starting his own blog. The resulting footage, which attempts to target both NYU and Columbia, is what Rosen says lacks any "scandal," but is evidence of a "right wing culture war."

Though he cautioned against calling O'Keefe a terrorist overall, he also said that the label was true in one way, because O'Keefe struck at "the openness of my classroom–and changed it into a weakness."

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