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Ö Case: The iPhone Case With A Built-In Cleaner


As the iPhone continues to soar in popularity, so too does the market for iPhone cases. It’s a truly diverse market, one where you can find everything from a case that will discreetly store your condoms to a case with a built in charging mechanism. The latest in the line of multifaceted phone cases comes in the form of the concept Ö Case, appropriately named after its designer Löytö Esineiden.

The Ö Case is a white case with distinct functionalities that will appeal to iPhone users. A built in slider to clean your screen of greasy fingerprints and other debris positions itself at the cases bottom. It can be slid up and down to clean the screen. Underneath the sliders is two slits and and a space to hold your earbuds, avoiding the frustrations of a tangled pair of headphones.

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