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Lights Go On, Part XXXX -- Learning

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Today, by the sea
I want to share
a memorable exchange
between my dad and me
"Dad, I've mad a terrible mistake"
"Oh, have you now?
Or have you taken a step on your journey
that's given you a result
that you weren't expecting
and it was unpleasant?"
"Why yes, it was that exactly"
"Did you learn from it?"
"Yes, I did"
"Then how can that be a mistake?"
Thank you dad
Have you ever come to the point when
as much as you cherish a person and their gifts
it becomes clear that you are
no longer compatible
and it is time to move on?
Is it pleasant?
I have found it to be the opposite.
It is when I begin to weigh
the pleasantries with the
A worrisome sign.
As much as I wish to hold on to those
elements of love and sensibilities
that send me reeling
it is when I return to earth that
I find myself alone
as if it were a mirage.
It is then
I discover
that as much as I love this person
and our shared pleasantries
This chapter
has come to a close
I have known the pleasure of being
loved for my strengths
I want to be loved for my
weaknesses too
fair enough
but do I offer same to my partner?

I remember another time
when my dad mentioned that
more than one fine women
I had brought home to
meet my parents were
'lovely and a welcomed addition to our family'
and yet
I wavered
"Are you looking for perfection, Son?"
"Well then you'd better be prepared to deliver"

Sense and sensibilities

I hear my friend
Ollie Mitchell's words:
"If was easy
they'd call it something other than life"

Then I hear the haunting lyric of


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