O' Syrian Children, We Failed You

O' Children of Syria

We have No Words

We have no more words to say

We have no more tears to shed

We have no more speeches to give

We failed you

We killed you by our silence

We killed you by our vainness

We killed you by our bickering

We killed you by our hypocrisy

We killed you by our naivety

The system said: "It is too complicated"

The system said: "Syria is like the Congo"

The system said: "We will not intervene"

The system said "We are war-fatigued"

The system decided it is ok for you to be slaughtered in droves

It is OK for you to be killed by sniper bullets

It is OK for you to be blown up by barrel bombs

It is OK to drown in the Mediterranean sea

It is OK for you to be gassed to death

By Sarin gas

By Chlorine gas

It is OK for you to have Polio

It is OK for you to starve to death

O' the sons and daughters of "farmers, blacksmiths, doctors and dentists"

You deserve it

And by the way, the system was "very concerned"

They turned a blind eye to your suffering

They just watched, analyzed and rallied

They just screamed, bluffed and sang revolution songs

They waved the new flag, chanted and gossiped

They boasted that freedom needs sacrifices

They said that victory needs sacrifices

They meant your sacrifices, not theirs

They meant your innocent souls, not their guilty ones

They still live in our luxury homes

While you live in a tent

They still eat gourmet and organic meals

While you eat hard bread and garbage

They still have total body massage

While you are tortured by the beast

They still make conferences in five stars hotels

While you are buried in the darkness




And bitter!

Bitter at those who promised you and left you hanging

Bitter at those who wrote the slogans that you were asked to sing

Bitter at those who recorded you crying in YouTube

Bitter at those who exposed your dead bodies as a proof of the crime

Bitter at those who hailed your death so they can have their safe zones

Bitter at those who abandoned you when you needed them

O' yes, they did sent few dollars

So you can buy powdered milk for one day

So you can buy bread for one day

So you can have a toy in you tent

So you can have an extra blanket in the harsh desert night

We are so sorry O' little ones

We are so sorry O' children of Syria

Forgive us

Your innocent souls are much bigger than our guilty ones

We were not up to the task

We were too small

We failed you

We failed you