That Mischievous Kid On 'AHS' Is The Son Of An O-Town Band Member

'Cause he wants it all, or nothing at all.
Fingerprints are hard to get off, Lachlan!
Fingerprints are hard to get off, Lachlan!

On "American Horror Story: Hotel," Lachlan Drake -- whom you may remember as the kid who got his greasy paw prints all over something expensive in Lady Gaga's room and received a stern warning from his fashionista father -- is played by a 9-year-old named Lyric Lennon Parker Angel. If you think that's a name only some celebrity would give their kid, you'd be right!

Lyric Lennon is the son of Ashley Parker Angel, a member of the early-aughts boy band O-Town, which also birthed the No. 1 Billboard hit "All or Nothing." His mother, Tiffany Lynn, was once engaged to his father, but the couple never married.

We took one for the team and scrolled through far too many Parker Angel selfies and nearly-nudes on the 34-year-old's Instagram to find the few he's posted with his son.


Took Lyric behind the scenes to the set of his favorite Disney sitcom. He's in 8-year-old paradise. #jessie #justscoredmajordadpoints

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