Drone Footage Proves That Oahu's North Shore Is Almost Too Good To Be True

There's one neighborhood in Hawaii, above all the other magical places, that never fails to impress.

The seven-mile slice of paradise known famously as Oahu's North Shore is Hawaii's never-never land -- a place where locals and travelers alike seem to be chasing one of two things: waves or bliss. And most of the time, catching waves equals bliss.

Beyond offering the power and beauty of Pipeline -- one of the most perfectly symmetrical surf breaks in the world -- Oahu's North Shore is where the results of a rainy day get transformed into a water park, a tide pool turns into an insane slip-n-slide, and where you can lie on golden beaches while watching a pod of humpback whales play offshore.

That's why Eric Sterman, a drone photographer who was born and raised on the North Shore, created videos like the one below: to capture the essence of life in this fabled never-ever land.

"The North Shore brings an adventure and something worth capturing," Sterman told The Huffington Post. "The lifestyle [here] is very much how it looks [in my videos]. It's the perfect balance of laid back, active and fun."

"It's the dream place to live," he added.

Let Sterman fly you over Oahu's North Shore in the video below. We won't blame you if you book your tickets immediately after.

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