Oakland, California at the Forefront of Rooftop Revolution

What is Solar Mosaic? What does it look when an entire community goes solar? Today, Oakland, California is showing the rest of the country what's possible when everyone takes a stake in the dream for community-owned clean energy. This video tells the story of how Oakland is realizing that dream-- and provides a map for how together we can all go solar. Please take a moment to watch this video and share it with everyone you know.

Solar Mosaic is a marketplace that anyone can use to create solar projects and finance them from their communities, locally and online. Solar Mosaic connects people who want to go solar with the buildings that have the ideal roofs and space to go solar. With Solar Mosaics, many people come together to build community solar projects.

Right now, we're seeing in Oakland, what our friends at Sungevity are calling the "rooftop revolution". By end of 2011, Solar Mosaic, in partnership with Sungevity, will help bring solar to 5-7 Oakland sites. The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC) will soon become the first hosts for these community-funded solar installations. Oakland is what Emily Kirsch at the Ella Baker Center calls a "proving ground for what's possible for community-owned solar all over the country".

EBALDC is a nationally recognized and innovative community developer that creates long-term and sustainable community wellbeing in neighborhoods of Oakland and the East Bay. EBALDC has teamed up with Solar Mosaic to put solar panels on the roof of their headquarters-- the Asian Resource Center (ARC)-- a beautiful historic warehouse and a multi-service center that houses nonprofit agencies, retail businesses, medical facilities, school district classes, and an art gallery. Visit the ARC solar project site to check out.

Oakland is just one city with the potential to transform itself into a clean energy hub- all over the country, we're seeing promise and new growth in community solar. Solar Mosaic is excited to be part of this movement, helping build the new energy economy one community at a time. Please help build the movement by sharing this video with everyone you know. The more people we reach, the bigger we can make this rooftop revolution.

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