Oakland, Calif., Has Never Been Better: Here Are 10 Reasons Why (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: 10 Reasons Why Oakland Has Never Been Better

Let's face it: Oakland has found its place in the sun.

Our neighbor to the east has been honored with a slew of awards over the past year, including a nod from the New York Times as a top-five worldwide travel destination and the title of Most Exciting City in America by real estate blog Movoto. M.C. Hammer even released a campaign to publicly preach about why he hella hearts his home city.

All these accolades led local blogger Broke-Ass Stuart to ponder a burning question: "Why are all my friends moving to Oakland?"

We here at HuffPost SF can think of a few reasons -- besides the fact that rents across the bay aren't quite yet too damn high (knock on wood until our knuckles bruise). With the completion of Lake Merritt's dazzling makeover this past weekend and the launch of the Jack London Square night market this spring, it's never seemed like a more appropriate time to sit back and reflect upon why Oakland truly is, far and away, our [second] favorite place in the universe.

Here are ten reasons why:

Lake Merritt's Makeover

Oakland Has Never Been Better

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