Obama accidentally says 'Iowa' in Ottawa

Obama accidentally says 'Iowa' in Ottawa
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OTTAWA, Canada - President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper just started their joint news conference, the first such dual podium event for the new president.

The newness is showing - the president began his remarks with, "It's a great pleasure to be here in Iowa - Ottawa."

Obama says "it's great to be" pretty much anywhere he goes. Iowa was a key battleground state, but also the Jan. 4, 2008 caucus was his first win during the Democratic primary election. It swung his way in November, and a Downtown Des Moines rally on Halloween was one of his last campaign stops before winning the presidency.

Flubbing the name of a location has happened to many politicians, and has happened to the president before.

Republicans had great fun mocking Obama the candidate last year when he goofed Sioux Falls and Sioux City; and Sunshine and Sunrise.

I'm in the front row, far left, and Obama will call on two U.S. journalists while Harper will call on two Canadian journalists, one of whom will ask a question in French.

Here's an early version of the story, done as POTUS has held mostly private meetings all day. The real news starts soon.

Also, I've been Tweeting all day. Here's a sample of some of the best:

# Canadian journos SHOCKED we don't decide among us who asks the question. #obamacanada 25 minutes ago from TweetDeck

# Canadian journos decide on their own who gets ?s and what they will ask. We, on the other hand, at Gibbs' mercy #journotwits #obamacanada about 1 hour ago from TweetDeck

# "Yes we Canada" - from latest pool report this one by WSJ's Weisman #obamacanada #obamawa about 1 hour ago from TweetDeck

# POTUS has arrived at Parliament, signed two giant guest books #obamacanada about 2 hours ago from TweetDeck

# People outside Parliament holding signs: "climate emergency" & "After god, Obama", "U are my brother, friend, victory" #obamacanada about 3 hours ago from TweetDeck

# Coffee also nice & strong. Will be filing stories all day to WashTimes homepage and my blog - http://bit.ly/nOd3X #obamacanada about 3 hours ago from TweetDeck

# POTUS Canadian lunch menu dessert: Saugeen Yogurt Pot de Creme w/ Lemon&LavenderSyrup, WildBlueberry&Partridgeberry jam +more! #obamacanada about 3 hours ago from web

# POTUS Canadian lunch menu @ parliament: tuna w/ Chili & Citrus dressing, Maple&Miso Cured Nunavut Arctic Char, veggies, bison. #obamacanada about 3 hours ago from web

# Canadian press pool = 4 ppl; US POTUS press pool = 13 ppl. That's why no audio - Canada: 2 still photogs; 1 camera; 1 scribbler #obamacanada about 3 hours ago from web

# WH aide mocking CBS' Chip Reid for sitting in Canadian press section at file ctr. Also, embassy interns remain totally helpful #obamacanada about 4 hours ago from web

# Landed in Ottawa, it's snowing! about 6 hours ago from txt

# Press charter is wheels up, flight time 1hr9mins to Ottawa. @mikeshear has dorky headphones on about 7 hours ago from txt

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