Obama Ad Compares President To JFK, Lumps GOP With Oil Companies

The Democratic advocacy group Americans United for Change is releasing a new ad comparing the president's economic policies to John F. Kennedy's Apollo project and lumping Republicans alongside "oil companies" in the opposition.

Titled "Jobs of the Future," the spot will begin airing on D.C. cable starting on Wednesday and throughout the week.

"Fifty years ago, a young President challenged us to put a man on the moon. John Kennedy's vision put America in the forefront of the technological revolution that created the jobs of the future -- for a generation Americans," reads the script. "Today President Obama has challenged us again -- to create the jobs of the future for our generation -- millions of clean energy jobs. But the oil companies and the Republicans just say no."

The ad comes roughly a week after several media outlets reported that Obama's stimulus package was not being implemented in an expeditious manner, and as Congress currently debates a climate change bill that proponents say would create "millions" of new green jobs.

Two key Democrats in the House -- Reps. John Dingell of Michigan and Gene Green of Texas -- have signaled support for the legislation, increasing its odds of passage. But Republican opposition won't be light.

"When the time comes," said Jeremy Funk, the communications director at Americans United for Change, "will the Party of NO help President Obama create millions of green jobs -- or keep looking out for big oil's bottom line?"

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