Obama Ads Focus On Economy, Auto Industry

Obama Campaign Releases Three New Ads On The Economy, Auto Industry

President Barack Obama's re-election campaign has released three new ads as part of the $25 million airwave campaign it is launching this May. The spots will be going up tomorrow. A campaign official did not know how long they would remain on the air.

One, titled "Brian," will air in Ohio and will focus on the rebirth of the American auto industry.

Another, titled "Succeed," is set to air in both Ohio and Iowa and will again focus on the auto industry.

The third, titled "Reverse," is set to air in Nevada and Florida. It will focus predominantly on job creation under Obama.

Spending $25 million six months before an election is an unheard of investment for a campaign. But the president's political advisers have calculated that they need to define Obama before Romney and his allied super PAC attempt to do the same.

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