Turns Out Obama Has Some Pretty Smooth Yup'ik Dance Moves

Next up: The Electric Slide.

Smooth moves, Mr. President.

On Wednesday, the final day of his trip to Alaska, President Barack Obama dropped in on Dillingham Middle School for what Alaska Public Media called a "youth cultural dance performance."

Following a series of traditional Yup'ik native dances and songs, including one clearly tailored for the president called "Don't be afraid to play basketball" (Obama has a reputation as a basketball fan, even if his game is slipping), the president left his courtside seat and joined in the fun.

Obama joined children in a dance on Wednesday.
Obama joined children in a dance on Wednesday.

"I've been practicing," he said, joining the crowd of dancing youngsters. And that's no lie: As this Reuters video illustrates, Obama pulled off a pretty smooth routine.

Afterward, Obama thanked the crowd for its "incredible hospitality" and encouraged the young students to "keep up your traditions, even as you go out into the big world."

Not quite as entertaining as his predecessor's dance moves, but who's keeping track?