Obama And McCain Turn To Two Different Robocall Tactics

With the election less than 48 hours away, the Obama and McCain campaigns are trying entirely different tactics vis-à-vis robocalling to advance their political fortunes. The National Political Do Not Contact Registry reports another anti-Obama automated call being made by the McCain campaign, this one tackling the Illinois Democrat for his position on taxes.

"[Obama] wants to take your money and give it to those who don't pay income tax," the call goes. "He even said those who don't want higher taxes are just selfish."

Meanwhile, readers from around the country are reporting receiving robocalls on behalf of the Obama campaign, though not ones attacking McCain on any particular position or policy, but rather to remind voters to go to the polls and even provide them with the location of their voting booths.

Here is one narrated by Michelle Obama.

"This Tuesday is Election Day and I am calling to remind you to get to the polls on Tuesday and vote for Barack Obama,"
. "Make your voice heard this year and help make history."

So which one is a more affective use of campaign cash? Shaun Dakins, of The National Political Do Not Contact Registry - who is skittish about all robocalls - says, well, neither.

"The GOVT robos are a waste of time," he told the Huffington Post. "All data show that they do NOT work. Robocalling in general doesn't work because: People don't listen to them, voters hate them, and campaigns don't know how to use them. They tend to spray and pray with little targeting."