Obama Assassination Plot Investigated, No Credible Threat Found

Obama Assassination Plot Investigated, No Credible Threat Found

***UPDATE 8/26, 6:30 PM***

Following the press conference, the Associated Press reports that the men were no "true" threat to Obama.

U.S. Attorney Troy Eid (EYED) describes the men as "meth heads" who weren't capable of such an attack.

The investigation was triggered after police in the Denver suburb of Aurora stopped a truck that was swerving erratically early Sunday. Police say they found two high-powered rifles, two wigs, camouflage clothing, a bulletproof vest and two walkie-talkies in the truck. They say they also found three IDs in other people's names and what they believe to be methamphetamine.

The three men arrested Sunday face drug and gun counts.

strong>***UPDATE 8/26, 11 AM***

More details about the suspected plot to assassinate Obama come trickling in as the police arrest a fourth person in connection with the possible plan. The LA Times has the story.

We knew then that authorities in suburban Aurora had stopped a pickup truck for swerving between lanes early Sunday morning in what they thought was a routine drunk driving incident.

But in the rented vehicle of Tharin Gartrell, a 28-year-old convicted felon, they found two high-powered scoped rifles, ammunition, sighting scopes, radios, a cellphone, a bulletproof vest, wigs, drugs and fake IDs.

According to Brian Masss of Denver's KCNC Channel 4, under questioning Gartrell implicated two other men -- Nathan Johnson, who is 32, and Shawn Adolph, who is 33 -- and Johnson's girlfriend, Natasha Gromack. Johnson also reportedly confirmed the plot to FBI and Secret Service interrogators.

One of the men, Adolph, reportedly wore a ring with the Nazi swastika. He was injured when he jumped out of a hotel window fleeing Secret Service agents. All are now in custody on drug and weapons charges.

The US Attorney handling the case stated that there was never a credible threat against Obama, and will be holding a press conference today 4 PM Denver time (6 PM, EST). More details as they arrive.

***UPDATE*** The FBI is now investigating reports of a possible assassination plot against Barack Obama:

The FBI is looking into reports in Denver media outlets that a man under investigation for drug and weapons violations may have made threats against Barack Obama, officials said Monday.

"It's premature to say that it was a valid threat or that these folks have the ability to carry it out," said a U.S. government official familiar with the investigation. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

Law enforcement sources told CBS affiliate KCNC in Denver that one of the suspects "was directly asked if they had come to Denver to kill Obama. He responded in the affirmative."

Obama will be in Denver this week to accept the Democratic nomination for president.

FBI spokeswoman Kathy Wright confirmed the FBI was investigating the reports but declined to elaborate. The Joint Information Center - a command set up by Denver, state and federal authorities to field media inquiries during the Democratic convention - had no immediate comment.

***UPDATE*** The Denver Post reports that authorities will hold a press conference tomorrow to discuss the disruption of a possible Obama assassination plot:

Federal authorities have scheduled a press conference for Tuesday afternoon amid reports that a fortunate traffic stop by Aurora Police may have disrupted an assassination attempt against Barack Obama.

The Rocky Mountain News reports that police in Colorado are investigating a possible plot to assassinate Barack Obama:

Law enforcement authorities have arrested two men, and several law enforcement sources say the investigation is looking into whether the men intended to harm presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama.

According to multiple sources, Aurora police made a routine traffic stop Sunday morning at 2:38 a.m. The Secret Service says two rifles were found in the car along with methamphetamine. Another law enforcement source says he was told at least one of the rifles was a "sniper rifle."

A second source told CBS4 Investigator Brian Maass authorities told officers they are concerned they may have come upon a possible "assassination plot."

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