Obama Backers Confront The Elements, The Fringe, The Sign Thieves

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Here are two of the more colorful emails from Obama supporters who find themselves under siege.

Kazuki, aka "Zuke," in Utah writes about his incredible half hour waiting in line to cast his ballot:

Took me about 30 min to get through the line and vote. I'm in "Red as you can get" Utah, and it was funny to listen to people in line; terrorists will attack us, your guns will be taken away from you, and a rush of Mexicans will flood in from the south . . . all within moments of Obama winning. I found the loudest, most dense person in the crowd and said, "YOU! I'm nullifying YOUR vote!

Meanwhile, David in Schuyler County Missouri - a place, he says, "where no black or Hispanic people reside" and "racially tainted remarks" are routinely heard - talks about taking his Obama advocacy to a whole new level.

I am 51 years old and mixed race, (Native American & Caucasian), and this is the first time I have ever donated to a political campaign. It is also my first time putting a yard sign out. I am a Barack Obama supporter and there is a big sign in my yard for all to see. Although numerous such signs have disappeared in this area, I've been lucky in that I have managed to retain mine. Of course it could have something to do with the fact that I have motion detectors covering my yard, which turn on floodlights and take pictures of trespassers and then email them to me. This fact is well known to all of the folks in my tiny little town. I am also a gun owner and sportsman, but I have had to turn away from the nonsense the NRA is spewing. I know that Senator Obama does not want to take my guns!

I thought that I was the only one in the area supporting Barack. Until the recent financial meltdown. I then started to see more and more Obama/Biden signs going up. Then I started seeing them disappear. Silly rednecks! We know where we got them and we can get more!

Back to the point; When I said that I live in a small town, I didn't mean a small town of a few thousand. This is a small town of about 300. We have no paved streets or even a city police officer. We vote at city hall and I was shocked to see a line when I arrived shortly after 6:00 A.M. to vote! This is unheard of!

During most elections, we have to wake up the officials in order for them to hand us our ballots. (That's a joke of course.) This is the first time I've ever had to wait in line though!

As for how it went, everything came off without any problems although I did note that they could not get their one voting machine to work. That's right, one machine. It's been there for the last couple of elections and we can use it if we choose


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