Obama Reflects On High And Low Points In Barbara Walters Interview (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama reflected on his high points and low points in an interview with ABC's Barbara Walters published online on Wednesday.

"You've talked about sitting with the girls at night, and talking about the rose and the thorn. Can you think of what the rose was and what the thorn was?" Walters asked the president in the segment taped before he ordered flags be flown at half-staff after the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Obama said, "For me personally, the thorn is always knowing that as commander in chief that I've put men and women of armed services in harms way. And some of them get killed, and some of them get injured and that always weighs on me. That is as raw and as fresh now as it was the first month I took office."

He continued, "The rose for me, other than family, was being back on the campaign trail and having this incredible opportunity to reconnect with the American people. In some ways, the election was just the icing on the cake."

On a lighter note, the president was asked what he considers his favorite iPad app during the interview. Obama's response: Scrabble.

"Oh yes, gosh, sometimes I want to yank that out of your hands," the first lady quipped after the president responded with the word game.

The Obamas signaled that they don't play Scrabble against one another on the app, but do play the traditional board game. Asked who usually wins, the president gestured that he does with a smile.

"He's good at Scrabble, he's very irritating," Michelle Obama said lightheartedly, to which the president responded, "She doesn't like losing so she stops playing."

The first lady countered, "No, I don't like losing to you because you're a little irritating when you win."



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