Watch Obama Beatbox For Vietnam's Queen Of Hip Hop

Can we see Obama lay down some more verses before he leaves office?

President Barack Obama took some time to beatbox for Vietnam's "Queen of Hip Hop” during his final stop in the country on Wednesday.

At a town hall meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, 26-year-old Hàng Lâm Trang Anh, who goes by the stage name "Suboi," told the president she was a rapper. Obama asked her to spit some of her best bars.

“Let’s see what you got," the president said. "Do you need a little beat?”

“Vietnamese or English?” Suboi asked.

“In Vietnamese, of course," Obama replied. "But I won’t know what it means.”

The president performed a little beat with his microphone to encourage Suboi's solo performance, which you can watch in the video above.

Earlier in his speech, Obama discussed the importance of arts in international politics.

"I truly believe if you try to suppress arts, then I think you're suppressing the deepest dreams and aspirations of a people," he said.

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