President Obama Makes Bid For Beer-Drinker-In-Chief (PHOTOS)

From bar visits to the release of the White House's official home brew recipe, President Obama seems ever-ready to knock back a beer in public.

The president's reelection campaign has included many visits to local taverns and state fairs in an attempt to present Obama as a relatable everyman, Politico reports. (Perhaps it doesn't hurt that the campaign tactic is special to Obama, since his political opponent Mitt Romney's Mormon faith prohibits the Republican candidate from drinking.)

Most recently Obama stopped in at Gator's Dockside in Orlando, Fla., where he enjoyed a Bud Light on Saturday.

Dale Personette, general manager of Gator's Dockside, told The Huffington Post the president's visit was a success. "There was overwhelming acceptance from all the patrons in the restaurant, whatever their political views were," said Personette. "There was no negativity. It was just him interacting with every single guest in the building and taking pictures with the staff."

But not every small business owner feels the love from Obama's boozy visits. the president's drop-in to an Iowa State Fair beer tent in August left the owner claiming $25,000 in losses. But other tent owners nearby reported that the president's visit had zero effect on their sales. Obama even bought drinks for some in the crowd, leading many to chant, "Four more beers!"

Check out some photos of Obama enjoying a beer in the slideshow below:

President Obama Drinking Beer