17 Times Obama Did Things We Absolutely Do Not Agree With

Just 'cuz you're the President, doesn't mean you get to lean over the sneeze guard.

Our fearless leader has seen his fair share of controversies throughout his tenure in the Oval Office.

Most recently, there was the tan suit fiasco, soon followed by "Lattegate," and then one or two more.

But he's also committed some lesser-known atrocities -- like being that guy who films something with an iPad. No one likes that guy, Mr. President. No one. Let's take a moment to remember all these times Barack Obama was literally the worst:

That time he leaned over the sneeze guard at Chipotle.

obama chipotle

That time he "volunteered" and let Michelle do all the work.

obama volunteer

That time he "forgot" there is NO RUNNING by the pool.

obama water fight

That time he let this happen to Bo.

bo obama easter

That time he hugged the living daylights out of this poor woman.

obama bear hug

(Seriously, look at that face.)

obama hug

That time he wore these mom jeans on a bike.

obama biking

That time he golfed like the dad-iest dad we've ever seen.

obama golfing 2013

That time he wouldn't just get his own goddamn chair.

obama hogging chair

That time he used an iPad to record a video.

obama ipad omg no

That time he creeped everyone out.

That time he tried to take this person's camera.*

*We're actually not sure what's happening here, but it's probably horrible.

That time he disobeyed every mother on Earth by leaning back in his chair.

obama leaning chair

That time he laughed in this punk baby's face.

obama punk baby

That time he completely disrespected the White House gardener's "Keep Off The Grass" signs.

obama wh lawn

That time he thought this would totally work.

obama umbrella fail

That time he mocked this kid just trying to enjoy some pie.

pie day obama

And finally, that time he ignored the sadly piercing gaze of man's best friend.

bo obama sad

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