Obama's 11 Best Food Moments Remind Us Why He's Our President

He knows the importance of a taco, and that's not nothing.

No matter how you feel about President Barack Obama, no one can deny that the man can eat. While he and first lady Michelle are committed to living and teaching a healthy lifestyle, they also know how to put down some very delicious things.

The president’s love of food rivals our own ― which is saying a lot ― and that makes our hearts happy.

This current election season has been a tough one, with more scandals than we care to count. It has us feeling a little nostalgic for the eight years our food-loving leader has resided in the White House. So with the last months of Obama’s presidency ahead of us, now is a great time to look back on his best food moments ― from the most impressive things he ate to the most memorable things he said about food, and everything in between.

But first, let’s revel in the fact that Obama loves him some ice cream. (Just like us!)

Exhibit A:

Obama enjoying an ice cream cone.
Obama enjoying an ice cream cone.

Exhibit B:

Obama eating ice cream and so happy about it.
Obama eating ice cream and so happy about it.

There are definitely enough ice cream photos of Obama to make it all the way to Exhibits X, Y and Z, but let’s move on.

Our second favorite Obama food moment ― and one of the most recent ― was when he tackled the age-old question of whether hot dogs should be topped with ketchup. It’s long been debated, but for Obama the answer is clear: “No. I mean that. That’s one of those things — let me put it this way, it’s not acceptable past the age of eight.”

And just like that, the issue has been settled.

Obama eating a hot dog with British Prime Minister David Cameron.
Obama eating a hot dog with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Third, let’s not forget the momentous act Obama passed requiring food products to indicate on the label if they were made with GMOs. Transparency in food labels is a huge problem and this is a big push to make it better.

Fourth, President Obama used his pull as the leader of our nation to cut the longest line for what may be this nation’s best barbecue. During his visit to Austin, Texas, despite having just eaten some barbecue in Dallas, Obama made a surprise stop at Franklin Barbecue. He did commit the social faux pas of cutting the line (and some folks had words to share on that matter), but it was all in the name of his love for great barbecue. He made up for it by buying tons of meat to share with those folks waiting in the hours-long line.

Fifth, he will stop his motorcade for a great taco because he knows a taco (or three) is worth it. Torchy’s Taco, where the president stopped, is a local favorite in Austin.

Sixth, it may have been eight years ago, but let us not forget: the man loves arugula. Some folks took offense to his remark in the ‘08 campaign about how expensive arugula was at Whole Foods ― we get it, it did indicate that he might be out of touch with the average American ― but his concern is valid because this peppery green is great.

Seventh, Obama knows that you don’t mess with a good thing. Especially when that good thing is guacamole.

Chips and guac are his favorite snack, so adding peas to the mix are fighting words. If there’s a bowl of good chips and guac in front of him, he has said that it makes him “lose his mind.”

Eighth, he takes Michelle out on dates to all the trendiest restaurants. We’re jealous, but we like it. Komi, Estela, Ristorante Tosca, Blue Duck Tavern, the list goes on and on.

Ninth, the man likes him some broccoli. He could do without asparagus (maybe because it makes his pee stink), but he has said that broccoli is his number one food. When asked at the second annual kids state dinner what his favorite food was, Obama replied, “broccoli.” There was some outrage at his answer ― folks suspected they we’re being lied to by the President ― but it could be his favorite because broccoli is the one veggie that the whole first family likes, so Obama eats it often.

Tenth, Obama is the first president to brew beer in the White House. That’s how deep his love of beer goes.

Eleventh, when it comes to Obama, we know where he stands. Come August 4, the president’s birthday, he is not getting some frou-frou frosted cake. No, he is getting pie. That’s right, when it comes to the heated pie vs. cake argument, Obama firmly stands on pie’s side. And he broke the news to the nation on the official Barack Obama website, like this:

The way President Obama told the nation that he prefers pie over cake.
The way President Obama told the nation that he prefers pie over cake.

We’ll miss your food-loving ways, Mr. President, but we sure did enjoy the ride.